Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 45

Close up of tag 45

journal page after watching a Sewcrazi YouTube video

The entire tag for day 45

Done. Complete. Not touching it again

Oh, Gracie. This is not a good look, sweetheart

Yeah, you can rub my ear right there Meranda. While Gracie kisses me.
The Day 45 tag was a gel print from our weekend in Ohio. I added some ink here and there, then outlined one of the handmade stencil images with a black Stabilo marks all pencil. An old scrap book sticker made it complete.

After watching lesson 5 in Ardith's class, I tweaked the floral painting. It is done because a)I went down the check list to make sure it was done and b) I am ready to leave this particular project and move on. That canvas has so many layers on it, it weighs a ton. But it was fun.

Puppy Playground has a new website where the employees can post photos and videos or comments about your dogs. You will then get an email as notification that pics are available, and there is an option to download and/or post to Facebook. Pretty neat. The above 2 photos were taken by Meranda. She is a young woman that my two love and she loves them back. Obviously. One of her "things" to do is take rear views of Aussies. In wide angle. Sigh. Gracie, Gracie, Gracie. Girlfriend.....

Have a good one.

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