Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 35

Using a new stencil and it reminded me of energy flowing outward

This is a WIP from the Ardith Goodwin Abstractions class. No where near done

So I scanned a gel print and printed on 2 inch round circles. This is the result. LOL

Did another gel print, but saved it as a PDF instead of JPEG. This is the result

Jake trying to get my attention by jumping up behind me on the couch
Busy weekend. First, the abstraction class. This canvas still looks too realistic, but this is the starting point, so from here forward I make marks, add paint, collage, whatever to layer it up and abstract it out. Learning a great deal in this class.

Yesterday morning I remembered I had purchased labels, so decided to scan a 12x12 gel print. I have an HP Office Jet printer/scanner, and it only picked up on part of the print. I laid the entire sheet down, trying to put the part I wanted over the scanning area. Did not get that at all, so if anyone has any ideas on why not, I would appreciate your thoughts. When I saved the JPEG, evidently I forgot to resize it and the print came out 5x7, which I believe is default. My fault for not catching that. The next scan I saved as a PDF, it defaulted to black and white, and the 8.5x11 inch format. This is pretty cool, because now I have 2 inch circles with b&w designs.

So much more to do. I have more yard work, the never ending chore list, but today I will reserve an hour to work on the painting. I am stoked.

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