Sunday, May 6, 2018

Day 34 and Affirmations

I had a pretty good base of printing and stenciling on this tag, but just could not figure out what to do with it. While I had the fluorescent paints open, I made an executive decision to add magenta and pink over the gold and dark blue. Once dry, I started to outline just a few shapes, and entered some Zen state and kept going. Nothing spectacular, but I do like it. The "ribbon" is a strip of colored burlap.

This marks the "third of the way through" point of the 100 day challenge. I am starting to feel the pressure, and there are no more completed tags sitting around. I had such a good start, too. I know what happened: spring came all at once. We had cold, rain, cold, and the ground was too wet to do anything outside. This past week is the first decent weather to mow, pull weeds, repair stuff, clean out flower beds, etc. I have been super busy with all of that, plus working on the mower, repairing my fence gate, (thank you to my neighbor, Dirk, for helping me), helping Cathy with a dog, and the list goes on.

I put 2 large tags together for this week's affirmation of "Saucy". Had a hard time with the letter S, but then decided Saucy just fit the bill. The face is a stencil, lots of circle stenciling going on with this, and the black dots are tissue paper from Hobby Lobby.  Moving forward. Have a great day, and enjoy this weather! Linda

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