Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Day 36

STILL not done but will be today

Today's tag is loaded with paint, stenciling, pens and markers. I just added until I had the contrast and color I wanted. One thing this abstraction class with Ardith Goodwin has taught me, you don't know until you try it. It's only paper, and if you put down a color or mark and truly hate it, grab a baby wipe and take it off. Or paint over it. Or use rubbing alcohol to remove it if the paint is dry. There are always options.

Go forth and create something today! I double dog dare you.
artist is Christy Kinard

PS: Ardith suggested I go out online and look at floral abstracts. She recommended this artist. Holy Cow, people! I googled her name in Images, and she has hundreds of paintings. This one really grabbed me. She uses collage, brush strokes, thick paint, whatever, to convey her subject. LOVE THIS! Just had to share.

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