Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 9

Back to thinking about Spring, and warmth, and flowers

I watched a Gulfsprite video and did this

Christy Sobolewski posted a YouTube video and did a quick water color painting of a girl. It is outstanding. So that encouraged me to once again pull out a journal and draw and paint. Found out that if you don't do this every once in awhile, you can lose part of the muscle. Does that make sense? Practice is essential to drawing and painting faces, and that practice has to be consistent. I kind of veered off path for a few weeks, and now hoping to get back into it.

Tag number 9 was gel plate printed. I had used a foam stamp for the flower with black paint on heavy cardstock. Cut out the flower, then added some color with pens.

We were watching tv in the bedroom, when I made the gross error of getting up to use the bathroom. Came back to Jake laying on the quilt I had used to cover up my legs, using his quilt as a pillow. Can we say comfortable?

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