Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 10

Back to collage

In the exact middle of the bed, where I would like to sit to read

So exhausted from bugging mom to let her out, then back in

I use numbers a lot in my art, both in journaling and on canvases. At times there has been a personal meaning to a sequence of numbers, others not. Today's tag is just that I liked the size and shape of those pieces of chipboard. They have been painted and stamped. The under paper is a vintage ledger page, then an antique Hungarian poem, and the final piece is from an antique pattern instruction sheet.

The twine is from Dollar Tree.......

Gracie, being a brat. Taking up the entire bed so she can stretch out. Jake was on the floor, looking at me with those puppy eyes. "MOM! Do something". I did. I went into the art studio.

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