Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day 8

Favorite saying of my late husband's
If you are looking for a way to stabilize some old papers that may tear easily, I have a solution. Actually, I have two solutions. What I did for this tag was adhere a very old dictionary page to a piece of heavy card stock. Smooth out and let it dry completely. I did a few, and now have a container of misc. papers for collage. I hand cut the circles, then cut out the centers. Big Brush Pitt pens were used for shading around the edges.

The second solution for old papers is from Jane Davis, when I took a class last year online. She suggested coating both front and back of old papers with Matte Medium, letting it dry before trying to adhere to another piece. I have used this on small items in the past year, and it worked well.

Side note: I mentioned last week that Blogger and Netflix were not cooperating. Both now are, but my photos on my phone, which is the only camera I am using at the moment, are not automatically uploading to Dropbox. Is it me? Am I magnetic? Possessed? Don't you just love it when something that has been working well just stops dead and sticks it's tongue out at you?

Enjoy your day.

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