Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 7

Jake looking out the window at cold and windy weather

Today is April 9th. It is snowing as I enter this. Snow. Yes. I had 2 warning emails from about slick and dangerous roads. On April 9th.

This is what prompted today's tag, and I did it last Friday. So, so tired of cold, of still pulling out my winter coats, and wearing sweatshirts and Cuddleduds in the house to stay warm. I do indeed have perennials sticking their green shoots up in the front flower beds. But until we are at normal temperatures, it is too chilly to go out and clean up the yard..

Cathy told me today's tag was a large disappointment after the color of yesterday. Yeah, it is. But it's how I feel, so rolling with it. Have a good day.

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