Sunday, April 8, 2018


This week's affirmation is "OPEN". As always, always be open to new ideas.

Today's tag for #the100dayproject

Look who decided to once again open a hole on her bunny. Poor bunny!
Open the door to change. Open your mind to knowledge, not innuendo or rumors. Facts. Open your heart.

Lots of gel plate printing on the tags today, with stenciling. Day 6 I used part of a stencil to trace the outline of that design with a pen, then colored it in with paint and Pitt pens. The hot, bright pink and magenta are Golden fluorescent paints. I have quite a selection of colors, put them on a shelf and forgot about them. Yesterday pulled out those 2, and from this point forward will make an effort to use all of them as accents. I like. A bunch.

We all had a quick trip to the vet yesterday. Gracie has a bladder infection. By late afternoon I knew she was feeling better because the above happened. We did some chasing in the house, and then she sat out in the yard for over an hour. Spring is coming. Right? Someone say right, please. So cold.....

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