Thursday, April 26, 2018

Day 24

One of my favorites so far.

This is the 4 in a row sketch project for class
Today's tag was printed on a gel plate this past weekend, and the collage and large 2 added. I then stopped, and when I arrived home reassessed. Pulled out the Faber Castell Big Brush pens and added the blue, and I was in love. The play of colors just makes me very happy. The numbers collage is from Amy at our retreat. I have more and it will show up soon.

This week's lesson in Ardith Goodwin's class is to prep a large piece of water color paper, divide it into fourths, then sketch whatever our subject is and paint. So this paper has gesso, a wash of heavy body acrylic in Parchment, then some quick strokes of blue, green and yellow. I sketched using a Blackwing pencil, one of my favorites. I have already started to paint in blocks, and will share that later. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? I am intimidated but encouraged this week. I doubt the intimidation will leave me with this class, but Ardith is a wonderful instructor and the experience is priceless.

If I disappear for awhile, I am having computer issues. Twice in one 7 day period it has just froze. Nothing works except to unplug and reboot. A new Mac is on the horizon. I only post to the blog on the Mac, so if I am gone for a few days, please be patient. I will return! Thanks for stopping by.

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