Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 23

This tag has 5 layers of paint on it. Poor thing....
I had tags completed before I left for my art weekend in Ohio. When I came home, I looked at those tags with a different eye, and added more contrast. Oddly enough, that was also part of Lesson 2 in the Ardith Goodwin class I am taking online. So all of the information is starting to take root in my senior brain.

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I took these photos of dying flowers I cut off my Orange Star plant in the kitchen. Trying to save the indoor plant. I admit, I am not a horticulturist by any means, but the directions did say to remove the dead or dying blossoms. Before I pitched them into the trash, I noticed the designs, the lines, that would make an excellent abstraction. I have two large sheets of water color paper prepped for studies. Thinking I will use the above photos for one of those. We shall see. I am going to practice drawing them first in my journal. The idea is not to replicate the flowers as real, but rather to give the impression of the shapes. Some pretty interesting stuff going on in these bunches, once you start to just look at lines.

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