Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Day 22 and Affirmations

Weekly affirmation is Quiet. As in, listen to the quiet...

Day 22 has a story

I forgot to post this yesterday. This was behind my work table this past weekend.

Klara has these journals. Tracie does not. We must find Tracie the 3 pack of journals.
Did I mention that we are nuts? Yes....most mixed media/scrap book/stamping/whatever type of artists have just a touch of crazy and supply hoarding in their DNA. I think it is a requirement. So. The problem with having access to the global market is that you see products others are producing or releasing, and you want them. Now. This is fueled by the fact that almost everyone is holding a computer in their hands, searching on Google.

Klara innocently brought an art journal she was working in, that she thinks she purchased off of Amazon. The back cover is above. Said they came in a 3 pack, and are perfect for taking to classes. Tracie glommed onto that like a magnet, and the search was on. She has yet to find them for sale anywhere. So if anyone knows about these little marvels, please leave a comment.Nice weight paper, and the perfect size to stick into a large purse. About 8x10 inches.

On that same note, I found a new stamp on Instagram from Art by Marlene. Unfortunately, Marlene is from the Netherlands, and the company is called StudioLights. Supposedly these stamps can be ordered in the US. That assignment went to Tracie.

On the Day 22 tag above, there are 2 partial circles of pinkish color. THOSE are stickers. Clever Miss Tracie made everyone our very own art stickers, using Avery Labels #8293. They are sold by Office Depot and Staples in a pack of 50 for around $19.00. You can directly gel plate print onto the stickers, which is what I did after Tracie gave me 2 sheets, or scan your art work into your computer and print on the stickers. I am going to try that once I get some stickers. It seems I have to drive into Indianapolis to an Office Depot, my local store does not have them. But I also had another thought, because these have turned out so well. Going to stamp in black Archival ink so I have contrast stickers as well. The possibilities are endless, so THANK YOU TRACIE!

If this rate of acquirement keeps up, I am going to need a bigger studio room. Just saying...

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