Monday, April 23, 2018

Catching Up

Day 19

Day 21 out of order

Day 20
Moving right along....

First off, my heat is still on. It is April 23rd. Are we ever going to see warm weather again?

Had a fabulous weekend of gel printing, putting paint on my nose, eating , doing some art journaling, eating some more, shopping at Dick Blick, and trying new supplies. New to me. We are crazy. I just want to put that out there. I thought I was a craft/art supply shopper, but Tracie and Klara have me beat. Because of them I came home and ordered more stuff online. But I also shopped at Dick Blick, showing a great deal of restraint.

The state of Ohio has stores that are not in my area. Being careful shoppers, those two ladies have acquired some great deals on supplies. Klara had a full set of Marabu Art Crayons, so of course I had to try them. The color goes on creamy and can be manipulated with your finger or a brush, with water. But once they dry, the color is permanent. I tried them over the top of Daniel Smith water colors, moved the pigment around, then let them sit. The next morning I tried to reactivate the Marabu, and it did not budge. Really good to know.

My work table and there is stuff on the floor behind me, and under the table

Klara, and this is before the hurricane hit her table. Tracie in the back.

Tracie's work table and wonderful cart, with Amy in the back
We are going to do this again. But next time we are each going to bring a project to share with the others. Something that can be taught in a few hours. Yesterday I walked Tracie through the very basics of drawing a face. It was fun to share something I have been working on.

Back to real life. Rain moving in again. Yep.


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  2. OMG! Had such an amazing time! We need to make this a regular thing - not just yearly! So inspiring to be together and hear your ideas and recommendations! You are so full of energy and so darn talented my friend!!

  3. Thank You! We discussed this after you left, that we would like to do it again this year. If that doesn't happen, we can definitely plan on next spring. 3 full days the next time!!!