Friday, April 27, 2018

Day 25

I gel printed a stack of tags last weekend when I was in Ohio. This is one of them. The number stencil was one of mine, but the X stamp is from a set that Tracie had from Natalie Kalbach. I want that stamp. Here we go. It is great to get together with art friends, and it was wonderful that we all packed enough to start a our own store. You may think that's a joke, but trust me, we packed! So I used stamps and stencils from Tracie and Klara, and also tried Dina Wakely's Scribble Sticks, and the Marabu Art Crayons. The Dina sticks are not for me. I think the color disappears too fast with moisture. But the Marabu are a giant thumbs up. I bought one at Dick Blick on our second trip (!!!), and ordered 3 sets from when I arrived home.

Tracie found her art journals online at Amazon, and sent me the link. I have them in my Amazon cart. We are hopeless......

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