Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 14

Day 14 on a whimsical note

Get it???

A little art journaling this weekend with water colors

I was layering the water colors

Front of an accordian card

I have been very busy. Can you tell?

There is a couple that attend my Silver Sneakers classes that I like a lot. They have my sense of humor, so we tease back and forth. Last week the woman was given some devastating health news, and I am upset to say the least. I wanted to make a large card that everyone in class could sign, so decided on this shape and size. There is also painting and stamping on the back side. In this type of situation, you can either wring your hands and go the sympathy route with flowers and flourishes, OR you can decide everyone needs to smile. Smiling is good for the soul. Hence the happy, bright colors and crazy stamped figures.

Layering water colors. I used my Daniel Smith paints in that spread, and had laid down some background that was too close to the color in the face. I started to reach for acrylic paint to fix it, but instead went right back into the water colors. I am probably breaking every single water color painting rule, but I like how this turned out. There is a name for how the paint pools and then drys, but I don't remember it. I don't need to know it. This was an intentional experiment in my own art journal (one of them).  Play is also good for the soul.


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