Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 15

Today's tag with a Tim Holtz chipboard

One of my two kitchen chairs by the bay window

My sketch and water color of that photo

I am currently taking an online class with Ardith Goodwin. One of the basics is to sketch and paint what you sketch. She told us to choose something we love, but it also has to be something we can abstract by line. I love doing faces, but my confidence in being able to abstract those faces which are already NOT realistic is nil. So. My kitchen chairs. Above is the realism. I haven't started the abstraction yet. The plan is to do that today. Because this class is very labor intensive, and that is as it should be, I am going to fall behind on tags. Down to one ready for tomorrow. So I also need to kick my own butt and get moving. Pesky stuff like dogs, and grocery shopping, and going to work to teach one exercise class get in the way. Imagine. Also Gracie has a vet appointment this afternoon.

I just don't trust her to give her the car and send her to the vet on her own....she probably would go to Burger King. 

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