Sunday, April 15, 2018

Day 13

I pulled out an old background tag and added the quote

This is a representation of my work I used for a post to a new class. I do not like it.

Weekly affirmation is PASSION, as in hot pink
I am staying busy with the tags and a new class. The class is Abstractions with Ardith Goodwin online. It is 6 weeks long, and started yesterday. I had no idea there were so many different approaches to creating an abstract, and this class is teaching us the basics of represented abstraction. Didn't know what that was, either, until I went through the first lesson. (always learning here, folks).

If you draw a tree, or a chair, or a figure to best represent that image, it is realism. If you then break that same drawing down on another canvas with as few lines as possible to represent that image, it is abstraction. There is also deconstruction, and I have zero idea how that works. But we were to introduce ourselves to the class inside the closed group on Facebook. Ardith either wanted a pic of us, or a pic of a work we have done or are in the process of doing. I had started the above canvas back in December, got that far, and hit the proverbial wall. I know what I want to do, do not have the knowledge to get there at this point. And that was what I wrote in my introduction. However my canvas is a non-representional abstraction, because the lines were not based on any previous realistic drawing. I simply slapped paint on a canvas where I had adhered cut outs.

Got all that? Stay with is going to be a bumpy ride.

It is raining in central Indiana. I follow a lot of artists from all over the world on Instagram, and one is in a quaint area called Coon Rapids, MN. She posted video last night of a blizzard. They had 12 inches on the ground, more on the way. It is April 15th, right? Chicago metro area will have snow showers today. Got to love it. I think the only way you could get our President to admit climate change exists is if it snows on his weekly golf game in Florida. 

One can only hope.

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