Sunday, March 25, 2018


All day long. All day, people!

A layout I did yesterday with Gracie and Sarge
The entire central region of Indiana had been hearing varying predictions of snow all week. First, it was 3 to 6 inches, then 3 to 8, then by Friday night we were back down to maybe 2 to 4.

All of those were incorrect. I have close to a foot of snow in my backyard. The snow started around 6a.m., light, fluffy flakes that just drifted down to rest. A few a minute, no biggie. By 8a.m. it is snowing with serious intent. "Think you are going out today, folks? Yeah, NO!" There were several periods of serious white outs. Because it is all going to start to melt today, no plows are out in this area. My driveway is covered, and I do not shovel. I did clean the deck in the back off once for the dogs, then tried to clear it again around 6 last night with the snow still coming down, and barely could move the shovel. Pushing is the only option. I do not lift, nor am I suppose to.

Spent a bonding moment with Jake every single time he went out. The snow sticks to his terrier fur like little balls, so I use the heat of my hands to pry them loose. Poor babies, it is beyond belly deep in the yard.

The layout was one of many I completed. That is a new to me steel die cut from Creek Bank Creations. You get 5 circles, this being the largest, that cut a very thin line. I hand cut the sticks and hearts, because I had seen a layout like this at the stamp show on Friday. If you are interested in the die set, Creek Bank Creations is a couple in Perrysville, IN. They do over 20 shows a year in the Midwest, and I think there is a website.

We are home today. More scrap book pages to complete. And hopefully get the deck clear.

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