Friday, March 23, 2018


still not sure if this is complete

But this fits my mood perfectly
And here is the value of taking pics of your work and looking at them. You have a different viewpoint, another eye so to speak. In that first photo, the black dot tissue paper in the right hand page looks to be too much. I think I need to break it up with another piece of collage.  But overall, I am pleased.

There is a lot of added collage to this spread. I used old scrap book papers to cut out a top for the girl, then tore some more pieces to adhere to the right hand said for balance. That paper was slightly painted, first with gesso in spots, then with a few smears of Dina Wakely Lime paint. The flower is all water color except for a touch of heavy body white acrylic paint in the petals to brighten it up. I did 3 layers of shading around the petals to achieve that darkness, then pulled it out with a wet brush.

I have the entire weekend to play because our weather will indeed be crap. Snow/sleet starts tonight, turns to rain for all of next week. Spring. Oh, boy.

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