Thursday, March 22, 2018

Layers and Stitches class finished

Front cover

Close up of the added material tab with baker's twine

First spread. I left this alone, felt it was busy enough

Second spread. Also did not add anything

Third spread. Added a few doodles in white, some pencil lines

This spread was changed completely

Added the folded large tag to tie in a green, doodles

Back cover now has doodles in ink and pencil, baker's twine in tags

Remember that I made 2 journals at the beginning? Yeah, well, I started this last night
The journal was a true mixed media project from beginning to end. I used scrap book papers, materials, masking tape, old water color papers from another class, tons of tags, thread, twine, bags or sacks of brown paper as well as glassine, acrylic paint, gesso, and water color. Oh, and water soluble oil pastels. I also did a small amount of stamping with a circle stamp in black Archival ink.

I highly recommend this class with Ashli Oliver. It is not expensive, you get hours of videos and explicit instructions. As you can see with the last photo above, I have started my second journal. I drew the face with a mechanical pencil, then used only Daniel Smith water colors over the gesso already on the papers. I hope to finish this spread today, because it is pulling me. Ever have that happen, where you can't wait to get to an art project? Guess I am in the mood.

The pie chart spread: it was a hot mess. I mean, I had a problem from the first brush stroke. I had laid down a pretty good base of gesso to tone down the patterns in the original papers. That layer did not sufficiently hide the patterns, so I added a layer of white acrylic paint. I know better. I mean, I KNOW better due to all of the classes I take. The paint acted as a resist, and I could not get a decent color saturation with water color. Then turned to oil pastels, and it made it worse. So I left it. Glad I did. This was an idea that Ashli gave us in one of the last videos, and I am adding it to my collage mental file cabinet. The pie pieces are text and material triangles, and I added a ton of pencil doodles around the pies and scattered on the page.

So the take away from all of this is, do not give up on yourself. Walk away and let it settle, and it will eventually all come together. I used to think I had to leave a spread in finished, perfect condition. Not anymore.

Thanks for stopping by.

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