Tuesday, March 27, 2018


This week's affirmation is Motivate, as in get up and do it

Sunday, Jake protecting me from the big, bad Westie at the end of the couch

Yeah, so vicious. This is a sweet dog named Yuki
Are you self motivated? Sometimes I am, other times not. But lately I have been working on art or scrap books at least an hour a day, and I have to tell you, the habit is feeling good. Makes me forget all the nonsense in this world. So today let's talk about staying motivated.

Put down the phone.
Turn off the television.
Stay away from social media.
Grab a scrap piece of paper and doodle.
Do it again with your non-dominant hand.
Visit a craft show/fair, or tour a museum or art gallery.
Go for a walk/drive, stop and take some photos. Have them printed.

You get the idea. It's like starting anything else that is different or strange, not our normal routine. It can be done. Try it.

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