Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Second Layers and Stitches journal

This is where I stopped yesterday to go teach an exercise class

But I knew it needed more contrast

Came home and added the stamped dark blue circles, filled them in with white paint

I adhered the girl on 3 sides only to create a pocket for a tag

This is a flap to an envelope that is upside down. Planning on adding another tag with a fastener
I intentionally painted this girl to be not quite finished, or cloudy if you will. I wanted the blurred lines of color and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The problem will be ever duplicating this again, but who knows, right?

I have a lot of circle stamps, stencils, and tissue paper. Pulled them out for this one. The standardized smaller black circles are a wrapping tissue paper from Hobby Lobby. I love this product! The black does not bleed when you hit it with Matte Medium. Next time I go to Hobby I am going to see what other designs I might use. It is their brand.

Moving forward. I just remembered another circle stencil I want to use in the next spread....

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