Saturday, March 17, 2018


My advisors

I recently made a change in my life. I resigned from teaching the evening aquatic aerobic class that I had taught since March, 2010. This was not a quick or easy decision, and my reasons are multiple. Some I have shared, a few of my thoughts will remain private. The primary reason was my physical condition has reached the point that I felt the class was not getting the instruction they should or could. Time for a younger, more energetic woman to jump, cajole, and motivate.

Obviously this has created change, a word that I now realize a whole bunch of people abhor. Gosh. Change is growth. This change is forcing me to find a different mode of exercise that my body can tolerate, and I'm looking forward to that. But something else was also revealed in the past two weeks: it is okay to say no. Saying yes or no is our individual choice. Either one is okay.

Free advice today: hug a dog. Live your life. No one knows when the end is near, so don't let guilt drive your decisions. And it really is okay to say no.

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