Sunday, March 18, 2018

Affirmations and a challenge

Large tag that I gel printed on directly

Odd shape piece of water color paper with gel printing that will become a tip-in for a journal
This week we are up to the letter "L", and I chose the word LISTEN as my affirmation. I am guilty of not always listening all the way to the end of someone's conversation, so this is a personal goal. But in the global scope of things, I think we, as a society, have become so used to the noise, chatter, diversions that exist that we don't listen to our own bodies and instincts. I am trying, really trying to do that, and feel good that I have taken steps to change my life. It is one of my beliefs that you are unable to help anyone else unless you take care of yourself first.

On another note, there is a free 100 day project coming up in April. I got wind of this from Roben-Marie Smith on Instagram, when she said she was preparing pages for this venture. You decide what you want to make, you make something every day or every day that you can, take a pic and post on Instragram with the appropriate hashtag. The hashtag for the entire project is #the100dayproject. The hashtag for Roben-Marie will be #100daysoffabricpieces. I am planning on doing one large tag each day, much like the Affirmation tags I have done since January. My hashtag will be #100daysoftags.  It is not cheating to prepare ahead of time. I just said so, so this must be true! I am painting, collaging, and gel printing a pile of tags so I have something to grab every day to alter. This is the mindless part, where I just have fun with paint or paper and glue, with the tv on in the background. Join us. Great free way to kickstart some creativity.

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