Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Busy Day

12x12 water color paper, 3 ghost pulls off of the gel plate

It has taken me years, but I am finally getting prints I truly like

Will use this for a greeting card

There are 5 layers of paint, some of it removed with a foam stamp in the leaf pattern

My favorite

Or maybe this is my favorite....

This is a new game we play, who can get closer to mom

This is a cover to an art journal I am making
In-between cleaning the house and teaching a Silver Sneakers class, I hit the studio off and on all day yesterday. When I am in the mood I can get a ton of stuff done. Felt so good.

I had ordered some 90 lb. water color sheets from dickblick.com for an upcoming class. It was one of the requirements. Because it is me, I ordered 2 different manufacturers to see if I like one better (I do, the Fabriano), and received 10 sheets of each. That is more than enough for the future class, so I pulled 2 sheets out yesterday and tore them into 12x12 squares. Pulled out the 12x12 Gel Press and started.

The goal was to not overload paint on the plate, so I did a lot of first pulls on scrap paper and deli sheets. Then the ghost or second prints went on the water color paper. OH, baby! I am so in love with this technique and the paper. There are 3 prints that I will try to finish off to frame. I have never wanted to do that before, so feel like I am moving in the right direction.

Some friends and I have a long weekend of art, eating, shopping, and general messiness planned for April in Ohio. I am bringing them junk journals, and had 2 completed. Over the weekend I made 2 more, and did the covers yesterday in collage, paint, and a glaze of raw umber. That photo is kind of washed out, but they are both very vintage looking.  If I keep gel printing, there will be more journals by the time of our get away. I have a feeling my car is going to be full......

Have a good one!

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