Sunday, March 11, 2018

Affirmations and Random Thoughts

This week's affirmation is "KNOW"

Trying something new on the desk, a large piece of heavy paper taped down
If you know me at all, then you understand I am a seeker of knowledge. I read constantly, both in the printed format and online. I devour books, novels of mystery and intrigue, sometimes romance. Since I was a child, if a subject interested me, I immediately headed either to the library or a bookstore. Books were the answer. Never school. If there are questions, I want answers. Simple as that.

Two of the artists I follow online are always tearing up the "under paper" from their work surface to use in collage, scrap journals, junk journals, what not. Ashli Oliver puts down a large sheet of water color paper on her desk. I think Roben Marie Smith does the same. That can get kind of pricey, so I pulled out a roll of heavy duty paper I purchased at an art store last year and promptly forgot about. Honestly, I need to do a monthly inventory to remind myself what I have stored in that room. And that best not be laughter I hear from Ohio, because I know you do the same thing Tracey.....just saying, girlfriend.

The above shows where the paper now stands. It is loaded with ink, acrylic paint, water colors, and misc. marks. I clean my brayer when using the gel plate, wipe off my brushes, whatever is going on. Kind of getting anxious to rip this up and use it, but will hold off a bit longer.
My newest treasure
And now we have a new palette. How cool is this? Went to an antique place that is closing last week, and picked this up for 5 bucks. It is a baked enamel tray. No idea what it was originally used for, but my guess is that maybe a high chair for a baby? This is heavy and in very good condition. Old enamel like this that still has a decent surface is an excellent paint palette for water colors and acrylic. I used it last night, and the paint wiped right off when I was done. My plan is to leave the water colors on it so I can re-wet them and use again. It's about 16 inches long, maybe 8 or 9 inches wide at the widest part. Love it!

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