Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Layers and Stitches Class 2018

There are 3 bags added to this spread. Can you find them?

Paper bag is under the glassine bag

Paper bag with a large tag coming out the top

This is the front of the bag under the glassine bag

I now have a reminder if the dogs are in or out of the house. Yeah, right
This is the third spread in the new Ashli Oliver class, Layers and Stitches 2018. I am so loving this class because it has pushed me into trying more eclectic, messy art than I have been doing recently.

The spread originally had scrap book papers on it, in a bold cream and black pattern. I really liked that paper, but by the time I reached these pages it was no longer appropriate for what I wanted to do. So I applied grey paint, then gesso. Didn't quite tone it down enough, added some painted deli paper in primarily oranges and blue over that. More gesso was scraped over the dry deli paper. The black circles at the bottom of the pages are paint with a foam stamp. The black circles with white leaf designs is scrap book paper from Hobby Lobby, still available. I had used some of that same paper in the previous spread, and was going for continuity in carrying it forward.

I bought 4 packs of "sacks" at Hobby Lobby in the craft section. 3 in brown paper, in varying sizes and then a pack of glassine sacks as well. The goal was to make this an interactive project, so there are 3 varying size tags to pull out of the sacks. The 2 on the right I made blue material tabs, because I used the same material on the left.

Cathy and I were at Michael's a week ago, and she talked me into buying the red metal stand because it goes with my yellow kitchen. Did you know Wal-Mart does not sell white chalk? If they do, I could not find it. Probably in the kids clothes section...anyway, bought white chalk at JoAnn's and this now sits above my kitchen sink which is on a diagonal. The beautiful house plant is a Orange Star from South Africa. It was a gift from 2 ladies who participated in my aquatic aerobics class. I retired from that last week.

Onward. Too cold for the dog park, so glad for a motivating project like this.

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