Sunday, March 4, 2018

Art Journaling

Did this cut page in the junque journal last November. I was depressed. Can you tell?

Close up of the next page with deli paper affixed and stenciling on top

The next page, which I absolutely love

I was going to add something. The longer I let it dry, the more I thought, NOPE!


That is the masking tape, painted several times

What I started with. Old receipt book pages

And how it ended.
I am stuck. On Friday I signed up for a new class from Ashli Oliver called Layers and Stitch. Great class so far, where we are making a different type of junk journal booklet. But the first spread is a face. No problem, right? Wrong. I made 2 booklets because I do that type of thing, and prepared the spread with a light coat of gesso. Drew a face. Hated it before I was done, tried to erase and fix it, made it worse, tried again, and finally pulled out the gesso and covered the drawing. Unfortunately the pencil lines had some real depth to them and still were peeking through. Layered Martha Stewart craft paint in Porcelan on top of that, tried to draw again, wiped it off while it was still wet, and went to bed.

What is up with that? I have hit a wall. But I am tenacious if nothing else, and figured out in the middle of the night that today I will draw another face on water color paper, paint it, and if I like that, it becomes the first page . If I don't like it, the first page will be something like a hand with the middle finger sticking up. Or a flower. Depends on my mood.

On the other side of the coin, I have been doing a ton of abstractions of late and just loving all of them. I think my mind just needs to jump around in art.

Yesterday Cathy was here, and she finally asked what was a Gel plate....oh, baby. So I pulled out the newest 12x12 from Gel Press, which is fairly awesome and is now my "go to" size plate, and showed her, I had 2 3x5 Gel Press plates from various classes I've taken, so I gave her one to take home. I may have created a monster. I promised we would have a session of printing very soon.

Okay, onward to that face. That horrible, blocked in my head face. And cleaning up muddy paw prints. This is my life.

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