Thursday, February 22, 2018


We all complain a lot about the weather. It is a human condition. I think it is good to every once in awhile reflect on what has been, or could be. Say repeating the February from 2011. This is not snow. This is ice. The temperatures were frigid, and the ice was around for several days. I remember because we were trapped in the house until the roads started to thaw.

This year we have flooding. Water everywhere, and it will become worse as the water up north works it's way to the south. Our creeks are overflowing. The ground is saturated. And yet Mother Nature keeps dumping more rain on us.

I look at it this way: by July we could be in a serious drought, so just live each day as it comes. Fretting over what could be is useless. Unless you are wishing for a complete change in the Federal Government.

Yeah. Good thoughts.

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