Wednesday, February 21, 2018


My granddaughter, Jill, who is now 26

Oh, this bed feels good

Heavy breathing. Gracie doesn't snore

BOOP that nose....

Loud snoring going on on the other side of the bed
As I have mentioned, I have been scrap booking. Trying to be an equal opportunity grandmother, I went hunting for photos of the older grandkids. I have one that is 29, one that is 26, 2 19 year olds, and 2 17 year olds. My step sons had their kids kind of in a grouping together. My step daugher was married years before her brothers.

The photo of Jill from a dance recital was in a frame. I pulled it out, flipped it over to find no data at all. My daughter in law Mary writes on the back of every single photo she sends me. My ex-daughter in law Amy never sent me squat, and my step daughter Tammie gave me tons of stuff, no dates, no references.

Jill has a pretty good memory. I took a pic of her photo, sent her a text, and she gave me the info I needed to complete the scrap book page. I now realize the importance of doing this while everyone still can remember. The kids that is, the adults are hopeless.

The dogs only care about one thing: when is it going to dry out enough for the dog park? This is, of course, my fault so Gracie whines constantly about this horrible treatment, and Jake follows me from room to room, hoping I will eventually get ready to take him for a ride to the park. Uh huh.

I am thinking June.

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