Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Art Journal

Our art journals are our safe haven. It is where we should experiment, test, and play. I just received this new Dylusions journal that is wider than it is long. I want this particular book to be try outs for mixed media adventures.

Started with collage using a UHU glue stick. I had stamped on pattern paper, which is the black flower like shape above, and also added some old book text. I then added a variety of craft paint with a brayer, all of it either gold, yellow, or light green.

Next step was pulling out two smaller stencils, and adding molding paste. The cat and the small circles are paste. Let that dry overnight. Added more paint, realized it was too bright, so toned it down with a glaze of Golden Payne's Grey. Then added the white stenciling, didn't like that, pulled out Golden's Quinacridone Crimson and made another glaze. THIS was after the Payne's Grey had dried.

I am leaving it here, and will try another layering project. But I learned a lot. Really trying for all of those transparent layers that you see in Jodi Ohl's work, but currently she is using oil paints with cold wax. Yeah, I know. Amazing results, but a major investment to even try.

Moving out of my comfort zone, but loving every minute.

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