Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Random Thoughts

Jake is on my legs

This is rare. Jake's hind leg is touching Gracie. Horrors!
Dogs are such creatures of habit. If I go into the art studio after dinner and try to work, they pace, they moan, they cry, they want mommy on the bed with the tv on. So they can sleep. I have tried to work in a journal on my lap. Look at the first photo. THAT is my lap! Spoiled brats. I wonder who spoiled them so horribly? OH, wait, I did.

A few random thoughts to ponder. Greg Pence, Mike Pence's older brother, is running for Congress in District 4 for his brother's old seat. I don't know Greg Pence, but if you google him, it says he is a Philosopher. Really. In 2018. We need a Philosopher representing Indiana in Washington DC like we need more rain. Or another Republican. Just wow.

A little public service announcement:; if you know a 17 year old who will turn 18 this year, they have up to the day before the election to register to vote. How do I know this? Information about voter registration is being bombarded on social media from the group of students in Florida. My heroes. Seriously, how could you not admire this group? So if the NRA, or the RNC thought this "little problem of gun control" was going to evaporate as it has in the past, nope. Not happening. The long range goal is to VOTE in NOVEMBER at the MIDTERMS. I have been saying this since the day of inauguration. VOTE. MIDTERMS. Do it.

More information. Remember, the more you know....the more medications you will need. The Lt. Gov. of Georgia was on Twitter, just appalled that Delta airlines has disassociated themselves from the NRA and it's members. He, as a conservative, feels targeted and picked upon, and demands that Delta reverse it's stand. Dude. Just, Dude. Really?

The NRA is a tax exempt organization. They pay zero taxes. Zero. Yet they gave 30 million dollars to trump's campaign. They gave 2.8 million to Todd Young, the Republican senator from Indiana.  So the NRA and the NFL are both tax exempt. Why? How much you want to bet this little loophole was not addressed in the monster tax bill that passed?

Be informed. And Thank You!

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