Sunday, February 25, 2018

Art Journal and Affirmations

I stopped at this point to eat lunch, and evaluate

Added more shading and stamping with Archival ink, highlights with Sharpie white pen

This week's affirmation is INFORMED

This drawing of a girl was based on a photo in Jane Davenport's book on face painting. Looks nothing like Jane's work, but I do see differences from my usual type face. The more you do, the more you learn. All of it is Daniel Smith watercolors, except for the stamping with Archival ink and the highlights with a Sharpie white acrylic paint pen. I had just about given up on Sharpie paint pens, because you had to shake them and hold your tongue a certain way to get the paint to flow. THEN it would come out in a blob with no control. The secret is DO NOT STORE THEM IN A VERTICAL POSITION. I had left the pen, without intention, laying on the desk horizontally. The next time I used it, the flow of paint was perfect. Let's file this under "crap we didn't know but should".

My weekly affirmation is INFORMED. There is a tag. I forgot to take a pic. I don't like the tag anyway, so we will move on. But the definition of "informed" is, to me, fascinating: knowledgeable, enlightened, literate, educated, cultured, briefed, versed, up to date, up to speed, in the know, understanding the facts of the situation. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know where my mind went when I read the above. Yes you do.

Great tweet from a young man on Twitter yesterday. Now I can't find it to give proper credit.  He said and I will paraphrase, "how about teachers be required to be armed when Presidents are required to read books?"

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