Friday, February 2, 2018

Back to my roots

First attempt but did not like the title area to the left

Did a second page with a larger title

9:00 at night I went back into the studio and pulled out craft paint. YES!

Then added paper flowers and buttons to this page

And yesterday did this. I have a dog album. Of course I do.
I started scrapbooking in 2002, at the height of abundance of supplies. At that time, I could drive to a huge store in Matoon, IL., several stores at the north end of Indianapolis, and AllyScraps, the first incarnation, in Plainfield, IN. That is where I met Cathy. She owned the store.

Like a lot of women who made scrap books (HI, Tracie!!!) I bought tons of supplies because in those days the manufacture matched papers to ribbons to buttons, to embellishments, to die get the idea.

I saved almost all of it. Let a lot of stickers go about 2 years ago, but the rest of it? Yeah, in the studio. And the other day while watching a scrapbook layout video, the bug once again bit. I pulled the above photos out of a junk drawer, having forgot about them. The first two are from my going away party in Terre Haute, IN., after I sold my house in Marshall, IL., and decided to move to the west side of Indy. The set of three photos, and yes, that is me in the red hoodie with the sheep, were taken by a nice co-herder one late fall day at the farm. He gave them to me just before he quit bringing his collie for herding. Actually it is a fair depiction of Gracie herding, because she is either still in the photos, or moving slow, not running like a maniac all over the field.

This felt good, doing these pages. And I like the idea of combining stamping, painting, embossing into the layouts. More to come.

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