Sunday, February 4, 2018


Jake also likes to scrap book

As long as the page is about him


This is the photo from the shelter book that made me go to the shelter and get him

Collage and ink, before embossing

2nd collage and ink before embossing

3rd collage and ink before embossing

First pass at embossing with the Emerald Creek Vintage Beeswax

This is after 3 layers of embossing and the addition of metal washers

Close up. I am so in love with this technique
I was gone all day on Friday with Cathy, so had a very pleasant surprise when I opened the mail box and there was a box of goodies from Seth Apter. I had ordered the entire set of his Baked Textures from Emerald Creek when it was first announced. I am missing the Rusty powder, and there was a note of apology from Seth in the box. No problems, no worries, I have plenty to play with.

If you would like to watch a series of videos on these powders, go here and go back to the January 27, 2018 post. I have not watched all of them, but did watch the 31 minute video on collage and Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture. Lots of good tips.

Yesterday I cut 3 pieces of paper 8x8 inches. The first was Master Touch water color paper, second was Strathmore 300 Series water color paper, the third Strathmore Mixed Media paper from the green line. I used a UHU glue stick to adhere all the collage pieces, because as Seth says in the video, you are going to seal the papers with powders so they are not going to come up or shift.  The last piece above is on the Mixed Media paper, and it did NOT curl or bend, even with the weight of the 3 antique washers embedded in the pile of powder.

So far I have tried the Vintage Beeswax which is a favorite, Amber, and Patina Oxide. That is the Patina above to the right of the washers, but here is a tip: I hit that with heat for just a few seconds until it just started to melt, then removed the heat. If the gun stays on the same spot with the Patina, it will go solid. I wanted that bubble, mottled effect. There is a lot of room to play with these powders, and I plan on doing that with a series of collages on paper. It is a cheaper way to learn and a whole lot of fun.

So much more to come. Stay tuned!

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