Wednesday, January 3, 2018


this drawing had some potential. Uh huh.

watercolor underpainting
Just because, I rewatched a class from Ashli Oliver on New Year's day. Boredom, escaping from the constant dog petting, too cold to open the door, just go ahead and pick a reason. They all apply. I flipped through a recent Vanity Fair magazine but didn't find a photo that inspired me, so printed one off of Pinterest.

The above spread is now in the garbage. I tore it out of my large Dylusions journal. Yes I did. Don't normally do that, I leave mistakes or mishaps to learn and grow. But this quickly went from "maybe if I do this...." to "not having this around for anyone else to ever see".

What I did learn is that I should gift the cheap water color sets to someone starting out. I honestly don't know how Ashli gets her water colors to glide on the Bristol paper in the Dylusions, but mine was not moving at all. See how dark that purple is? Could not lift any of that paint back up. So lesson two is, do not attempt water color faces in the Dylusions journal. Do them on a good quality mixed media paper, or water color paper. AND REMEMBER THAT, LINDA!!!

Few points to pass along: you can follow the free Roben-Marie Smith challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #charmingchallenge2018. Jodi Ohl, another artist I truly admire, has a new Facebook group for artists to exchange information, ask questions, and generally learn from one another. Just search for Jodi on Facebook. Ditto with Jeanne Oliver. I received emails from both and have requested to join the groups. Gets me away from trump posts. Shudder.

It is warming up here in the Midwest. 1 above zero this morning. Progress. Spring is just around the corner, through the river and over the hill.....

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