Thursday, January 4, 2018


Jan 2014 Sunrise from the kitchen window

January 2014 No idea what I was doing or what journal this is in

My guess is that I had just watched a Dina Wakely video. Her style!

Feb 2013. Ice on the windows in the kitchen and it appears on everything else as well
I am freaking cold. There. Said it. I hate this, but love the change of seasons so Florida is not an option. Besides, it was snowing in Tallahassee yesterday. Ha!

I thought it appropriate to post photos of winters that were far worse than what we have had so far. Great time to turn on the television to something you are half interested in, and do art at the same time. Yesterday morning I set up the Cuttlebug die cutting machine on the cocktail table in the living room, cut old water color paper into doable strips, and die cut my new Seth Apter shapes. I have a project in mind, so stay tuned. I cut 3 of each, then stacked them and glued together with Aleene's tacky glue.

For whatever reason, the dogs will settle down and leave me to work if I am in the living room. Jake was on the coach with me, Gracie in the chair guarding her domain. Life is good. Stay warm, stay safe.

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