Saturday, January 13, 2018

On being confined with dogs

I was seated on the couch, cutting words out of magazines for art journals

I must come up and guard you, mom. On top of 2 blankies

Princess decided SHE wanted the same spot, so she started barking to get Jake down

Grabbed a toy, and then settled into the exact same spot

View from my kitchen. The tiny grid lines are the window screen
Can we say cold? Ice? Snow? Shit? Why yes we can. It is only January 13th and I have had my fill of all of this. Thursday it rained and hit a high of 59 degrees. This morning it is in the single digits.

An interesting behavior has developed with the dogs that I can only assume is due to their ages. If Jake is too close to me, in Gracie's opinion, she will start to "talk" to get either Jake or me to move. Then when I settle down, she will take the spot that Jake had. Can we say Dr. Sheldon Cooper? (Big Bang Theory, for those who do not know the show).  Within the past few months, when Jake is at my feet in the living room, Gracie has purposefully walked over, made an assessment, and sat on her brother to get next to me. She is an Aussie. Yes she is.

Working on tags and art journaling, and what nots. I might try to venture out today, but the roads in our subdivision are not plowed nor treated. So let us discuss this for a moment: I received the annual state legislature survey in the mail this week, from my representative Greg Steuerwald. He is a republican. Of course. It's Indiana. Mr. Steuerwald wants to know if the roads in my area have improved? How do I feel about the drug epidemic in this state, and what should the consequences be for drug addicts? I will answer his questions, politely with thoughtful comments. But here is where it will get sticky. Indiana has a 1.8 billion dollar surplus in the bank. This could run the state for 41 days should the income stop.

Hmmm. Run the state how? The roads are falling apart, no plows, no salt, accidents everywhere. Crime is horrible because of lack of education, opportunities, jobs.  Obesity is rampant, which contributes to our health costs. We still have one of the largest populations in the country that smoke cigarettes, and there is a growing AIDS epidemic in the southern counties of the state.

But we have a $1.8 billion the bank.....and Hilary's emails!

Slap my face. I will never stop being a south side of Chicago Democrat, will I?

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