Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mixed Media Canvas

There is collage under the paint. Forgot to take a pic

Close up of the layering. The silver heart is water color paper with embossing powder

Love this texture appearance

Used part of a stencil, part of a stamp

12x12 finished canvas
Several years ago, Cathy and I were in Nashville, IN. at one of the two still existing paper craft stores. They had a book on discount entitled Art + Life Combined by Linda Peterson.  I bought the book for the above project, and made one shortly after that purchase. It hung in my studio for years. Last spring a friend purchased it. THEN Cathy told me she has been wanting it forever.  Life goes on, and we both forgot about it.

Last weekend Cathy took down all of her Christmas decorations and was putting up new art in the family room. She sent me a text asking for that canvas, because we are both old and forgot that it was gone. I told her she had it. See how that works? Lay it off on the other craft crazed woman. End of story is we both searched our homes and remembered it is now in Mooresville, IN.  Side note here. I can be forgiven because I have 6 boxes of mixed media canvases in my garage. Full boxes. Cathy still has half a scrap book store in her garage. Crazed. Yep.

So I did this one last weekend with the rotten weather, trapped in the house with the dogs. It changed several times as I added layers of paint, gesso, stamping, more paint through stencils. The colors may not match what Cathy was trying to match. She can fix that. She has paint, too. And that is the kind of friend I am....

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