Sunday, January 28, 2018

Affirmations and art journaling

Junque journal for the letter "E"

Some journaling behind the tag

A new pup at Puppy Playground

Look at that face. So sweet
This week's affirmation is "EXAMPLE", as in I strive to be an example for good, for kindness, for justice. My hope is to continue to be productive, to contribute to society in a positive, meaningful way.

The double page spread has a bunch of supplies on it. I started with acrylic paint, then added some heavy gesso, and pressed a stencil into the wet gesso to create texture. Like that a lot. Added water colors, some Marabu spray, and splatters with water colors.

Every single time there is a new  puppy at the Playground, they all make sure I see it. So very dangerous. I want to take all of them home. This is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. And he will be there a bunch, because his owner works there. It is going to be a joy to watch him grow.

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