Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gel Press Printing

Robin Marie Smith is an artist in Florida. You can check her website out here. She recently posted a free video tutorial on how she obtains luscious layers with get printing. So yesterday I tried it. These are not done. But if you look closely, there are a minimum of 5 layers in each print.

A few pointers from Robin Marie: the paint has to be the right consistency. If it is too thick, you won't get crisp images. If too thin, it will just smear. I had gifted about 80 very old bottles of various brands of craft paint to a friend. While I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, I picked up 3 bottles of Folk Art craft paint for $.97 each. Holy Cow, Batwomen! It works beautifully. I had mentioned before that my older heavy body tube paint from Michael's was getting too thick. I am going to pitch most of it for that reason.

Another tip: use white inbetween your color layers. Why did I not think of that? Duh! So in the bottom print, there is baby blue on the bottom layer, twice with two different stencils, then a darker blue, then white but the white also pulled up a little green I had used on another piece.

Too much fun! More to come.
EDIT: I have tried 4 times to link to her website, and it is not cooperating. My apologies!!!

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