Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tags and Gel Printing

2 of the tags after I stopped printing the other day

Done, with more printing, stamps, ink

This stamp so reminds me of Cathy. She agreed.

Love my numbers

Gracie May Sue at the dog park
I grabbed several tags in the gel plate printing frenzy, and was not happy with the first pass. That would be 2 of the batch in the first photo. So yesterday I got out one of the smaller plates and added some printing, remembering what Robin Marie said about using white paint inbetween layers of color. Still was not happy, so we went to the dog park for over an hour. The fresh air cleared my brain.

When we arrived home, I had one of my Black Friday packages in the mailbox. A bunch of discontinued stamps from PaperBag Studios (Robin Marie). Her stuff is so unique, so I had to try it. The dogs and I settled down to watch an old movie, and I stamped away with no intention but seeing how the clear the images would be.

This is the beauty of mixed media. If you truly do not like a project at a stage, just keep going and perhaps something will reveal in front of you as you add to the paper. Yeah. There are 2 that I love. The one with the shoes, and the stack of numbers. I also added Distress Ink around the edges. Some are in Mahogany, some in Walnut.

Having fun. And that is the point, isn't it?

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