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July 31, 2011
This is the stage as the sun set on Wrigley Field in Chicago. It was hot, in the upper 90's. The intense heat had shut down all of the stop lights on Lake Shore Drive, and Pat and I were late meeting friends for dinner. It was the night Paul McCartney would bring Chicago to it's knees.

I had missed Paul's first Chicago concert years before. When Pat told me he was returning, I said I wanted to go. To give you an idea of what this was like, we had to reserve parking weeks in advance, about 8 city blocks away from the stadium. We had to make dinner reservations. Everywhere you went, people were playing Beatle music on radios/CD's.  As we walked from the restaurant to Wrigley, we saw people set up on rooftops, along the streets, sitting on porches, everywhere.

I was told later that they all could hear the concert. But it was pure magic to be inside watching on the big screens, singing along. Generations of fans, every age, every color, men, women, children, waving their arms and knowing every single word.

I purchased a poster from that tour, and it is framed, hanging on the wall in the hallway. A night to remember until the day I die.

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