Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Talking to me

Gracie opened her eyes just as I came in to take a pic

Mom! You know I don't like cameras!
I saw a post on an email group for my local neighborhoods. Do not remember the woman's name which is probably a good thing, but she said she noticed there were an abundance of lost pets of late. Her theory (and I am not making this up. Really. I am NOT.) was that there was going to be a major earthquake from the southern Illinois/Missouri fault line, and that the pets were fleeing for their lives. That this woman had been watching the Madras fault, and  the earth was shifting, a quake is imminent.

Okayyyyy. All I know is that my Aussie has been clinging a lot lately, and talking to me. We go through phases. Jake is not a talker, he just barks. Gracie is one of those dogs that makes low, rumbling noises in her throat, that escalate up the scale when I respond. And I do respond. If I ask her if she wants to go out into the yard, and she doesn't get up, I know she just wants attention and to chat with me. So I replicate her noises back at her. Note: see previous posts where I have already admitted I am nuts/crazy/around the bend/old. After awhile, Grace will lie down for a nap, because I have obviously said something in her language that stopped the conversation.

And people wonder why I like living alone. I don't now, do I?

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