Monday, November 20, 2017

I Hate Winter

Saturday, all freaking day

Saturday night

Tim Holtz snowman stamp with Ranger's new embossing silver powder

Tim Holtz snowflakes stamp, same powder

Tim Holtz stamp with the chunky gold embossing powders
It rained Saturday. That is an understatement. It poured, with thunder, lightning, high winds all day long on Saturday. Jake has never been afraid of storms. I think we have hit the mark on aging dog syndrome, because Saturday he was glued to my side. Gracie too, but I expected that. If Jake could get on my lap, he did. Sigh. I stayed home and massaged paws, rubbed shoulders, and talked in a calm voice to them all day.

After cleaning and the laundry, done by 10am, I started working on art projects. I purchased a new product that Ranger has brought out, a complete line of embossing powders with a shabby slant. The silver and gold are above. I was never big on using embossing powders in scrap books or on cards, so I am really late to the game. But the samples at the store were intriguing, and I bought 3 bottles. The other is Shabby White, which I plan on using on black cardstock with a tree stamp

I will be doing a lot more in the studio with this weather. I hate winter. It is beautiful if it snows, stays for one day, then melts. Done. But the rain and dark days are depressing. Not a fan.

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