Monday, November 13, 2017

Boring Weekend

Jake, you're in my spot. Jake's butt is barely on the bed.

I am not moving, Gracie.

Do not look at the camera, Jake. Stop looking.

You are hopeless!

I am so handsome

This better not be making my nose look big, mom.

Go away already.

Saturday turned out really nice, so after debating if I could stay out of the bathroom, we ended up at the dog park. Immodium is our friend! In retrospect, I'm happy we had that opportunity on Saturday because Sunday was dark and wet.

In between paw massages and shoulder rubs, I have been working on art projects.. Just not sure what I want to share at this point. So many new ideas are swimming around in my head from recent classes that I have gone back through the latest journals and applied either gesso or black paint over parts of pages. I know, I know. You should leave the art you hate as a reminder of what you did, or that you can do better, whatever. And some of it will survive. Just that I had one page that made me cringe every time I flipped past it. So black paint went over the parts I just did not want to see again. Now I'm happy.

Just signed up for a new class with a new-to-me instructor that I found on Facebook. Renata Loree. You can find her here. The name of the class that will begin December 16th is Soulful Whimsy, and we will make 3 journals. One can never have too many journals, right? But this approach is to put all of the backgrounds down first, fold up into journal size, then finish it. That appeals to me because I've never done this before. And there just might be a supply I have to buy. (Hi, Tracie!) Plus, I have been admiring her work on Facebook, so this will take me down a path I have not tried.

The stack of things to complete will grow!

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  1. Haha. Can't wait to see what you make in class.