Friday, November 10, 2017

The Falling Leaves

Jake is summer, 2011, shortly after I brought him home from the shelter

Yesterday. Thanks for the pile of leaves, mom!

Let me stick my nose down here, something smells good

Jake, the leaves are sticking to your fur.

If I plop my body down in the middle of this pile, she can't put them in the bag.
I give you two versions of Jake. When I brought him home in May, 2011, he was kind of timid and very respectful of Gracie. Clinging to me was the standard. Now? He is still a huge mama's boy, but Gracie stopped being the alpha a long, long time ago. He lulled her into a false sense of security.

The only drawback I have found to having a 6 foot wood privacy fence is that the leaves off of the 4 trees in the back yard stay in the back yard. Dang. Lots of raking going on this week. I have more to do today and probably tomorrow, but have to space it out due to my back. Jake has never displayed a need to jump into piles of leaves until yesterday. Too funny. That's my boy.

Have a great weekend.

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