Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. THE shopping day of the year. I am so exhausted from moving the mouse on the mouse pad, shopping. Yes, folks, I do not venture out on this sacred day. I am crazy, but not quite that nuts. I have, however, ordered art supplies from Donna Downey, Seth Apter, Blick, and someone else who sent me an email that I can't recall at his second. Exhausted.

I ate too much yesterday. Had Thanksgiving dinner at friends, and the spread was put together by a variety of excellent cooks. If you take one small spoonful of everything, you overeat. So when I got home, we headed to the dog park for the last daylight hours.  The dogs are thankful for a mom who wants to be outside with them.

Screenshots above: my daughter-in-law, Mary, asked what I wanted for Christmas. Nathan had just tweeted, so I grabbed that shot and sent it to Mary in a text message. She asked if I wanted him to be wrapped or unwrapped?

The cat trying to get in the house away from the bear struck me as funny. It's me, people!

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