Saturday, July 22, 2017

One Giant Step Forward

Almost done

Done. Added highlights, faintly, to eyes and lips
This was a challenge. And now that I finished it, I can see the mistakes clearly. Isn't that odd, that you are too close to the drawing while working on it? But this will help me move forward in my drawing.

This is part of the group Obsessions2017, except Christy just changed the name of the group to Inspiration. I don't care what she calls it, she is an instructor who knows exactly what to tell you, and how to achieve an end result. To my eye, this is the most realistic drawing I have ever done, and that is what I am trying to move towards. There is a time and place for all types of faces. I am not denying that, and I still like to do that whimsical look.

I have a tendency to make the head too broad across the eyes, because I also have the knack for making the eyes too big. This time I feel they are in proportion but the face is still too wide. And, yes I am going to say this, I suck at hair. Really need to practice at that.

This is on Strathmore water color paper. The drawing was done with a mechanical pencil from Dollar Tree (no joke, they are great for drawing). All of the color is water color, mostly KOI brand in their travel box. It was a present a few years back from a friend for Christmas. This lesson concentrated on starting the painting wet on wet, which I had not done in years. I finished it wet on dry.

Side note: had a whopper headache yesterday, where the pain ebbed and hammered. I did this throughout the day when I could clearly see. Yes, I am nuts. Why do you ask???

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