Monday, July 3, 2017


Jake, not liking me holding the ipod

Gracie, with one ear up to catch whatever

I could not seem to stop, she was so cute
I think I mentioned that I bought a new ipod about 2 months ago. This is the ipod touch. It has a camera. Actually, it has all kinds of stuff on it, but I use it to play music, both at home and work, so have not fully explored it's capabilities. I was interested in the camera, however, because the camera on iphones is excellent.

The problem with Apple products is they only want you to use other Apple products. Even though I have a mac computer, when I connected the ipod it transferred the photos into the photo folder for the mac, not into my Dropbox account or Photoshop Elements. I had to get creative to grab these photos, and I did. Blogger wouldn't let me into the Apple photos folder. Oh, there is probably a way, but I am not a patient person, so I dragged the 4 above photos from Photos onto the desktop, then uploaded them to Blogger. All of this to say I do like the camera on the ipod, and I may have to use it more in the future.

But. And this is an expensive but: my Samsung S6 phone, which was 2 years old, was not holding a charge. So it was either buy a battery or replace the phone. 3 guesses what I did. Yep. Now have the new Samsung S8+. Sucker is bigger and heavier, and this is one of the photos with it:

I really like this new phone camera. Look at the sharpness of Jake's fur, and the light reflections in his eyes. Happy with my choice.
Happy Fourth, y'all!

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